Adding a product on HBTV is very simple. In this article we set out how you can start selling your products in very simple steps. We are new and keen to learn from you feedback. So don’t be shy, let us know your thoughts and ways we can improve and help you sell more.


From your seller dashboard click on products. This will take you to your products page. On the products page click on [Add New Products]

On the Add New Products Page fill in the form as instructed.

  • Give your product a title.
  • Set a price. There are 2 options: [Price] and [Discounted price]. Only set a discounted price if you intend to offer a discount on the product. You can schedule how long the discount should apply for by “checking” the schedule tick box underneath the price box and setting the relevant dates. If you do not want to offer a discount then leave the “Discounted Price” field empty.
  • Select a product category.
  • Set any product tags to help with searches.
  • Give your product a description.
  • IMAGE: first click on the big box to set a featured image. This is the image that will appear on the front page. Then add any other images. See the image below.

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